* Coctel de Camaron – 16 

  (can also be made warm - Estilo Jalisco +1) 

  Classic shrimp cocktail made with vegetables 

  and house blendtomato juice


* Coctel Campechana Grande - 19

  Large seafood cocktail made with the perfect 

  blend of shrimp, octopus, abalone, calamari, 

  oyster and baby clam


* El Levanta Muertos - 26

  This cocktail will reawaken your body through

  the perfect taste of cooked shrimp, u10 scallop, oyster

  and octopus

   El Chingadazo (Grilled Shrimp Michelada) - 21

   This michelada will hit the spot! Made with your

   choice of beer (or mineragua if under 21) and

   plenty of specially seasoned grilled shrimps!


* Fried Calamari - 15

  Crunchy calamari rings stacked in a tower – perfect

  to share! Served with accompanying sauce

* Botana EL REY - 45

  This botana is fit for a king! Large portions of fresh,

  premium u10 scallop cooked in lime, raw camarones en

  aguachile, cooked shrimp, diced octopus, oysters on

  the half shell, onion, avocado and dressed in spicy

  hot sauce and our house black sauce


* Botana de Mariscos Frios – 22

  (diced with pico de gallo +1)

  A chilled, seafood mix including: oyster, shrimp,

  octopus, abalone and baby clams


* Molca-Frio – 25  

  Crab Legs, oyster, shrimp, abalone, ceviche, octopus,

  avocado, cucumber and onion served in a cold

  served molcajete

* Camarones en Aguachile – 18

  (can also be red or divorciado)

  Raw shrimp cooked and marinated in lime juice

  and served under a spicy blend of chiles and

  cilantro producing a vibrant green color you

  are sure to enjoy

* Camarones y Pulpo en Aguachile Negro - 20

  This seaside specialty includes raw shrimp and diced

  octopus cooked in aguachile and dressed in a delicious, 

  homemade black salsa that is sure to be enjoyed!

* Mango Habanero Aguachile - 19

  The spicy taste of camarones en aguachile blended

  with the sweet texture of mango with habanero will

  have you tasting summer with every bite!

(*) Consumer Advisory  |  Advertencia Para El Consumidor: 

Oysters are served raw, and ceviche is served raw, after being prepared in citrus juice.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase

your risk of food borne illnesses. Despues de ser preparados en jugo de limon, los

ostiones son servidos crudos, y el ceviche esta servido crudo, igual. Consumir carnes,

aves, mariscos, crustaceos, o huevos crudos o a termino medio puede incrementar el

riesgo de una enfermedad alimentaria. 

* Callo de Hacha - 25 (Mixta con Aguachiles – 30)

  Mexican scallops cooked in lime juice and served along

  cucumber, cilantro, tomato and avocado. Add aguachiles

  to it for a spicy combo!


* Botana de Camarones – 17

  Chilled, cooked shrimp appetizer served

  with cucumber, tomato and onion

* Botana Playa Hermosa - 23

  A diced, seafood appetizer served

  with octopus, shrimp, calamari,

  abalone and a spicy pico de

  gallo blend


* Manitas de Jaiba - 40

  Fun and easy to eat! Our snow

  crab claws are tender and juicy

  and ready to eat! Served chilled


* La Patrona (Torre de Mariscos) – 40

  Raw aguachile shrimp, cooked shrimp, scallop, calamari, 

  oyster, octopus, shrimp and fish ceviche and abalone; all

  dressed in our special black sauce and presented in a

  fantastic tower that you are sure to devour!


* Tostada Embarazada – 12

  This “pregnant” tostada is filled with aguachile shrimps, 

  cucumber, ceviche, cooked shrimp, octopus, fish ceviche,

  onion and avocado


* Tostada de Ceviche de Camaron o de Pescado - 6

  Tostada carrying our shrimp or fish ceviche cooked

  with lime, cucumber, onion, tomato and cilantro


* Orden de Ceviche de Camaron – 15 (Add salsa verde: +2)

  Perfect for one or to start your meal, order our

  famous 24 hour marinated shrimp “ceviche”


* Vegano Ceviche - 12

  Don't eat meat but still want the ceviche flavor?

  Try our VEGAN ceviche with chickpea, diced serrano

  and house black salsa!


* Orden de Ceviche de Pescado - 14

  Perfect for one or to start your meal, order

  our famous 24 hour marinated fish “ceviche”


* Ostiones – Dozen 24 / Half Dozen 12

  One dozen or half of freshly, flown-in Blue Point

  Oysters on the half-shell. Served chilled


* Ostiones Gordos - Dozen 28 / Half Dozen 16

  Fresh Blue Point Oysters served raw on the

  half-shell topped with delicious fish ceviche


* La Grandiosa - 65

  La Grandiosa is the biggest

  of our seafood options!

  It includes plenty of crab

  legs, raw oysters on the

  half shell, prepared

  oysters, whole head-on

  shrimp, cooked shrimp,

  fish ceviche, shrimp

  ceviche and all served on

  a beautiful ice filled tower 

  accompanied with varying 

  sauce and salsas!




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