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*Ostiones Preparados 

  Dozen 42 / Half 21 

  These are a mouthful! Oysters on the 

  half-shell topped with an aguachile shrimp, 

  spicy chiltepin sauce, onion and avocado



Diablo Chips – 17


Nachos Playa Hermosa style! These delicious chips come draped in spicy diablo sauce, fresh frijoles, diced carne asada, guacamole and the best fried chips in Phoenix! (Sub fries +1)


Chingadazo Fries - 18

Spicy grilled shrimp, crispy bacon strips, perfectly seasoned french fries and decorated with mexican crema and spicy mayo sauce. Too delicious not to try!

MolcaTaco - 15

8 rolled, crunchy tacos served with diablo salsa, fresh guacamole and sour cream to cool the fire!


Choriqueso – 15

A hot skillet with sizzling melted cheese, chorizo and jalapeno

Quesadilla de Camaron,

Carne Asada or Pollo – 15 

(can also be made pizza style!)

Shrimp, Carne Asada, or Chicken filled 

quesadilla. Comes with side of rice

and beans (Add Guacamole +1)


Classic Quesadilla – 12

A large cheese filled quesadilla with a side of fresh Guacamole

(*) Consumer Advisory  |  Advertencia Para El Consumidor: 

Oysters are served raw, and ceviche is served raw, after being prepared in citrus juice. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illnesses. 
de ser preparados en jugo de limon, los ostiones son servidos crudos, y el ceviche esta servido crudo, igual. Consumir carnes, aves, mariscos,  crustaceos, o huevos crudos o a termino medio puede incrementar el riesgo de una enfermedad alimentaria. 

Camarones Locos – 40

(“Cucaracha” Style) 

Sizzling, grilled whole shrimp (including head) glazed and served  with our custom loco salsa that is finger-licking good!

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