• Clase Azul Reposado  

 • Casa Noble Silver • Cazul 100 • Corazon

 • Cazadores Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Centenario Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Corralejo Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Don Julio 70 | 1942 | Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Deleon Blanco • Don Ramon

 • Espolon • Fortaleza Anejo

 • Hornitos Añejo | Reposado | Silver | Cristalino

 • Herradura Ultra Añejo | Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Jimador Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Jose Cuervo Tradicional | Blue Agave

 • Milagro De Agave • Mezcal

 • Patron Platinum | Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Peligroso Cinnamon • Sotol • Tesoro

 • 1800 Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • 3 Amigos añejo Aged 8 years | Blanco Organic

 • Buchanans • Bacardi • Chivas Regal 

 • Crown Royal • Don Pedro • Fireball  

 • Grey Goose • Glennfiddich  

 • House Red Wine • House White Wine 

 • Johnny Walker • Jameson • Jack Daniels 

 • Maker’s Mark • Malibu • Presidente 

 • Remy Martin • Skyy • Smirnoff 

 • Tanqueray • Tito’s Vodka



La Michelada

A Mexican cerveza preparada! 

Our homemade micheladas are

made with beer, fresh lime, 

clamato juice, spices and peppers.


Mango Diablo

An MPH original! Made with mango

mix, chamoy, tajin, tequila and lots

of flavor! Garnished with a stick of chamoy.

Oyster Shooter

This hangover killer will bring you back

to life! Served chilled with our michelada mix, tequila, fresh lime and a whole oyster inside!

Mexican Mule

A Phoenix favorite, re-imagined!

Ginger beer fresh lime and tequila!

Served in the classic copper mug.

El Cantarito

Take a trip to Jalisco with this juicy and 

refreshing Mezcal creation or try it with your favorite tequila! Invigorated with 

natural grapefruit and lime, the Cantarito 

will have you singing your day away!


Serrano Margarita

Fresh cut serrano peppers blended with 

tequila, margarita mix and fresh squeezed lime juice makes a deliciously, spicy drink!

Tequila Sunrise

Start your day or night right with this 

Vitamin C necessity! Orange juice, grenadine mix, tequila and maraschino cherries.


Bloody Maria

Unlike Mexican folklore, ordering

this drink 3 times fast won’t provoke anything but a good time! Crispy

bacon, fresh celery, handmade 

bloody mix and spiked with tequila!






  • Bud Light • Budweiser 

  • Coors Light • Miller Lite 

  • Michelob Ultra 

  • O’Douls (non-alcoholic)


  • Bohemia • Corona 

  • Corona Familiar 

  • Corona Premiere 

  • Corona Light 

  • Coronita 7oz 

  • Estrella 

  • Indio • Sol 

  • Modelo Especial 

  • Modelo Negra 

  • Pacifico • Tecate Roja 

  • Tecate Light 

  • Victoria • XX Lager 7oz 

  • XX Lager • XX Amber


   • Modelo Especial 

   • Modelo Negra 

   • Pacifico

   • Michelob Ultra 

   • XX Lager 

   • Lagunitas IPA


A family recipe! Our homemade, rum-infused flan

is a must try!


Deliciously soft with smooth cream cheese icing,

studded with pecans and flakes or fresh, toasted




Coconut filled cake, topped with buttecream icing

and fresh coconut shred on top!



Sinfully decadent! Rich in flavor, this is everything

you want in a chocolate cake!

House Margarita

Fresh lime juice, margarita mix, triple sec and served frozen or “en las rockas!”


Monster Margarita

Our classic house margarita

in a jumbo 24oz cup!

Mexican Bulldog

The call-a-cab special! A 24oz mega cup filled with tequila, blue curacao, fresh lime and two mini beers! XX or Coronita.

Cadillac Margarita

Heighten your night with luxury! Tequila, triple sec, margarita mix

and grand gala for a smooth ride!


Azul Margarita

Taste the beach with this ocean blue margarita served with blue curacao, triple sec, tequila mix and tajin sand on the rim.

Corona-rita / Dos-a-rita

Margarita + Tequila + Beer.

Need we say more?

Pomegranate Margarita

A sweet blend sure to please

served frozen or on the rocks

with tequila, pomegranate

mix and a salted rim.


Strawberry Margarita

This red flavor scare is a cold

war in a margarita glass! Frozen

or on the rocks, ask for fresh

lime juice for a sour kick!


Vallarta Margarita

Our Vallarta is a liquid vacation! Fresh orange, lime juice, margarita mix and a blend of gran gala Margarita Pitcher available in any of our signature margaritas!


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