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El P.P.P. (Puro Pinche Party)

Get your phones ready! This 35oz goblet will take you on an adventure of flavor. We mix tequila, mezcal, blue curacao, ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime and top it with dry ice to produce a fun, volcano effect!

Mixed Drinks

#SaborAPlaya Michelada

A local favorite! Our award winning micheladas are prepared with your favorite beer or mineragua and our handmade, in-house michelada mix

Mango Diablo

An MPH original! A blend of mango mix, chamoy, tajin, tequila and lots of flavor! Garnished with a chamoy candy stick

Spicy Mami

Who doesn’t love a spicy mami? Have a great time with this watermelon margarita infused with spicy chiltepin flakes, rimmed with tajin and a watermelon paleta inside adding to the fun!

Spicy Mami

Who doesn’t love a spicy mami? Have a great time with this watermelon margarita infused with spicy chiltepin flakes, rimmed with tajin and a watermelon paleta inside adding to the fun!


Spicy Lavender Margarita 

This jalapeño infused cocktail will spice up your night! Blended with citrus, ancho reyes verde and lavender with a hint of rosemary

El Chingadazo

Enjoy a delicious michelada with your favorite beer and topped with 12 grilled shrimp, marinated in our chingadazo sauce!

La Ofrenda

Our favorite seasonal drink is here to stay! This day of the dead offering is an all black margarita, rimmed with black sea salt and spiked with casamigos blanco tequila! 

El Cantarito

Take a trip to Jalisco with this refreshing Mezcal creation or try it with your favorite tequila! Splashed with natural grapefruit and lime, this Cantarito will have you singing your day away!

Spicy Passionfruit 

Discover this tantalizing tango of passion and heat in a glass. A margarita combining the exotic passionfruit and the fiery jalapeno, intertwined with the richness of spiced rum! 


Tamarindo Margarita

This Yucatan classic features tamarind, lime juice, agave, tequila and a tajin lined rim

Oyster Shooter *

This hangover killer will bring you back to life! Chilled shot served with michelada mix, tequila, fresh lime and a whole oyster inside!


MPH Margarita

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado tequila, fresh lime juice with a splash of light, sweet & sour mix. Try it frozen or “en las rockas!”

Pineapple Margarita

Take a trip to thee tropics with this perfect mix! Pineapple juice, sweet and sour, fresh squeezed lime, tequila AND RUM will have you feeling the warmth of the beach! Served inside of a whole pineapple!

Mexican Mule

A local favorite, re-imagined! Ginger beer, fresh lime and tequila! Or "Estilo Russo" with your favorite Vodka

Monster Margarita

Our classic margarita... jumbo size! 24oz of fun!

Spicy Serrano Margarita

Fresh cut serrano peppers blended with tequila, margarita mix and fresh squeezed lime juice! This one is a deliciously, spicy drink!

El Tiburon

This ocean blue margarita is a blend of blue curacao, triple sec, tequila and tajin - filled with Shark gummies!

Strawberry Margarita

Refreshingly cool and incredibly frosty! Try this one frozen or on the rocks, ask for fresh lime juice for a sour kick! Who doesn’t love strawberries?

Vamos a La Playa

Margarita or a liquid vacation? Enjoy citrus, lime juice, margarita mix, tequila and a shot of orange liqueur!

Bloody Maria

Unlike Mexican folklore, ordering this drink 3 times fast won’t summon anything but a good time! Crispy bacon, fresh celery, house made bloody mix that is spiked with tequila!

(*) Consumer Advisory  |  Advertencia Para El Consumidor: 

Oysters are served raw, and ceviche is served raw, after being prepared in citrus juice. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illnesses. 
Despues de ser preparados en jugo de limon, los
ostiones son servidos crudos, y el ceviche esta servido crudo, igual. Consumir carnes, aves, mariscos, crustaceos, o huevos crudos o a termino medio puede incrementar el riesgo de una enfermedad alimentaria. 

MPH Mango Diablo.png
MPH Spicy Mami.png


 • Clase Azul Reposado | Silver

 • Casa Dragones Silver | Anejo | Joven

 • Casamigos Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Corazon Extra Añejo | Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Centenario Añejo | Leyenda | Cristalino 

 • Don Julio 70 | 1942 | Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Deleon Blanco • Espolon Silver | Anejo

 • Fortaleza Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino

 • Hornitos Añejo Black Barrel | Cristalino

 • Herradura Ultra Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Jose Cuervo Tradicional | Reserva de la Familia

 • Maestro Dobel Diamante 

 • Patron Platinum | Roca | Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • Tesoro Añejo | Reposado | Silver

 • 1800 Añejo | Silver | Cristalino | Milenio


 • Buchanans • Bombay Sapphire Gin

 • Bacardi • Ciroc •Crown Royal • Fireball 

 • Grey Goose • Glenfiddich  

 • House Red Wine • House White Wine 

 • Johnny Walker Black 

 • Jameson • Jack Daniels 

 • Maker’s Mark • Malibu

 • Remy Martin • Smirnoff 

 • Tanqueray Gin • Tito’s Vodka


 • La Puritita Verda - Joven

 • Montelobos

 • Casamigos Joven

 • Bacanora Batuq Blanco





   • Bud Light

   • Michelob Ultra 

   • Heineken 0.0



 • XX Amber 

 • Pacifico

 • Michelob Ultra 

 • XX Lager 

 • Modelo Especial 


   • Corona  

   • Coronita 7oz 

   • Modelo Especial 

   • Modelo Negra 

   • Pacifico 

   • Tecate Roja

   • Tecate Light

   • XX Lager

Soft Drinks

Soda Mexicana

 • Coca-Cola • Sidral • Mineragua 
• Mandarina • Sangria

Pepsi Products

• Pepsi • Diet Pepsi • Dr Pepper

• Cranberry • Ginger Beer • Orange

• Juice • Iced Tea 

Aguas Frescas (made in house daily)

• Azul Limonada Natural

• Jamaica

• Pink Horchata

• Mineragua Preparada

• Add our house rim dip to any agua fresca (+1) 
// Escarchado con chamoy (+1)

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