Molcajete Caliente - 40

A scorching hot molcajete served with either a green culichi sauce or our red diabla sauce. Our #1 Best Seller includes carne asada, fried fish, grilled shrimp and grilled chicken!  

Plato del Capitan – 28 

Dine like a Captain with this meal! Tour our menu with 3 camarones fantasia, 3 toritos de camaron, 3 camarones culichi, 3 camarones endiablados and 3 camarones empanizados – served with a rice pyramid

Huachinango (Red Snapper) - MKT PRICE

Delicious, perfectly sized Red Snapper fried to a gentle crisp!


Includes: Playa Hermosa Salad, Rice and Beans

   Tacos al Gobernador – 12

   3 shrimp tacos cooked with onion, mozzarella

   and topped with purple cabbage

   Filete Relleno – 17

   A breaded fish filet stuffed with mozzarella

   cheese, shrimp and octopus!


   Pescado Sarandeado - MKT PRICE

   Our Sarandeado is a grilled Red Snapper split at

   the middle from head to tail! It is marinated with a 

   spicy, sweet chile sauce along with several grilled 

   shrimp! Must try!


 * Pina Tropical - 28

   Enjoy the taste of summer with this whole 

   pineapple split in half and served with diced

   pineapple chunks, fresh ceviche, shrimp, octopus

   and marinated with a sweet chamoy and hot sauce

Tacos de Pescado

(A la Plancha or Empanizados) - 12

(Add Pico de Gallo - 2)

3 fish tacos with mozzarella cheese and topped

with green cabbage, mayo and house chimichurri



Pulpo y Callo Parrillada - 30

Grilled, whole octopus leg and premium u10

scallops served sizzling atop a bed of spicy flavor

  Langosta Playera - 30

  A grilled lobster tail atop a bed of rice and served 

  alongside a carne asada steak and 3 grilled shrimp


* Hot Lava Steak - 30

  This cooked to order 7oz ribeye is reverse seared

  and served atop a hot rock to finish cooking and 

  accompanied by 3 grilled shrimp, 3 full head-on

  shrimp, grilled serrano and cebollita


  Camarones Fantasia – 17

  Enjoy this cheesy fantasy with bacon wrapped

  shrimp cooked with mozzarella cheese and wrapped

  in bacon


  Toritos de Camaron – 15 (Con tocino - 17) 

  A customer favorite! MPH’s toritos are large chiles 

  opened up, stuffed with shrimp, and served in a

  bowl of spicy, bold, black sauce! Perfect to share

  or experience on your own!

La Bomba! - 30

Take a trip to cajun town with this seafood boil,

including: whole head-on shrimp, mussels and steamed crab legs, corn on the cob and potato


Mojarra Frita – 19

A whole, fried fish – bursting with crunchy flavor!

(Add your favorite salsa - 5) 


   La Cura Cruda - 29

   Cure your hangover with steamed crab legs, 

   fresh mussels all in a spicy simmering sauce!


   Grilled Salmon – 16

   A soft, tender grilled salmon served 

   alongside fresh Playa Hermosa Salad, rice 

   and beans


   Filete Divorciado – 17

   An MPH signature dish. Enjoy a fish filet 

   with Diabla sauce on side and the other our 

   favorite Culichi sauce. SPICY and BOLD!


 * El Peligroso - 40

   Can you handle the #peligrosochallenge? 

   Large scallops, aguachile shrimp, cooked 

   shrimp, octopus, avocado, cucumber and 

   onion all marinated in a blend of fresh lime 

   juice and crushed chiltepin, red habanero, 

   serrano chile, ghost pepper, carolina reaper, 

   bird’s beak pepper and spicy black sauce


(*) Consumer Advisory  |  Advertencia Para El Consumidor: 

Oysters are served raw, and ceviche is served raw, after being prepared in

citrus juice. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,

shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illnesses. Despues

de ser preparados en jugo de limon, los ostiones son servidos crudos, y el

ceviche esta servido crudo, igual. Consumir carnes, aves, mariscos, 

crustaceos, o huevos crudos o a termino medio puede incrementar el

riesgo de una enfermedad alimentaria. 

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