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Includes: Rice, Beans, and Salad

Fajitas de Camarones - 25

Grilled shrimp on a sizzling skillet with bell peppers and grilled, caramelized onions


Fajitas de Carne Asada or Pollo – 25

Large strips of carne asada or grilled chicken grilled to taste, including grilled vegetables and spices served in a sizzling hot skillet!


Parrillada Fajitas – 25

The best of both worlds! Chicken and steak Fajitas served in our sizzling, hot skillet with accompanying vegetables and chiles

Super Parrillada - 30

These MEGA fajitas feature: steak, chicken AND shrimp! All mixed with our grilled vegetables and the hot, sizzling skillet!

Vegetarian Fajitas - 15

Our veggie fajitas include grilled mushrooms along with the traditional fajita ingredients

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