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Includes: rice and beans

Carne Asada (or Chicken) Tacos – 15

A top taco in Phoenix! We serve 3 perfectly grilled carne asada (or chicken) tacos in double mini tortillas and topped with cilantro and onion – includes rice and beans

Tacos Mar y Tierra - 16

2 large tacos of grilled steak, shrimp and mozzarella wrapped in corn tortilla

Tacos Al Pastor - 16

3 grilled al pastor tacos, tortilla and topped with cilantro and onion - includes rice and beans 


Tacos Pulpo Zarandeado - 16

2 grilled octopus tacos, sarandeado sauce,  mozzarella, corn tortilla

Quesataco - 15

These shredded beef tacos are to die for - tortilla dipped in red salsa then lightly fried and folded on the grill with mozzarella cheese and dressed with mexican crema

Lobster Tacos - 21

Grilled lobster chunk bathed in a mellow salsa, topped with queso fresco, purple and green cabbage, cilantro, purple onion and mexican crema

Tacos Mixtos - 16

Set of 4 tacos featuring one of each: carne asada, chicken, fish and shrimp. Rice and beans served on the side

Tacos de Camaron - 16

3 large grilled shrimp tacos with cheese and topped with cabbage


Tacos de Pescado – 15

(A la Plancha or Empanizados) 


​3 fish tacos with mozzarella cheese and topped with green cabbage, mayo and chimichurri sauce (Add Pico de Gallo-2)


Tinga Tu Madre, Tostada - 15

2 tostadas made tinga style with shredded chicken, onion and spicy chipotle that is sure to give a kick!


Los Vampiros - 14

These street tostada favorites are two large, open-faced tacos with carne asada, mozzarella, avocado, crema mexicana and pico de gallo!


Fiesta Tacos - 60

Take off in this taco flight featuring 16 tacos! 4 of each of your favorite type of taco! (carne asada, chicken, shrimp, fish, pastor or veggie) Served with accompanying sides and garnishes.


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