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Enchiladas (Verdes o Rojas) – 15

Our classic enchiladas are available in either chicken, barbacoa beef or cheese and come in either our green or red enchilada sauce. 


Carne Asada Tradicional – 20

This Mexican classic is perfectly grilled to taste under a soft medley of grilled onion


Pollo Relleno - 15

Butterflied chicken stuffed with grilled shrimp and seasoned with in-house spices – a tasty treat!

Ranchero Steak - 20

The ranchero steak includes slowly cooked strips of steak in a simmering tomato sauce, onions and chiles to give it a unique flavor!

Mar y Tierra – 25

A seafood and land mixture with Carne Asada, Grilled Shrimp and crispy Bacon!


Chile Relleno – 15

One large poblano pepper, filled with cheese, dipped in a fluffy egg batter and fried to a gentle crisp! A Mexican classic!

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